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TRANSED was created by US Transportation Research Board in 1978. Held every three years, TRANSED conferences have been co-sponsored by the Transportation Research Board. The 1st TRANSED was held in Cambridge, England. Throughout the years, TRANSED was held 14 times in 11 countries, such as Orlando in US, Vancouver in Canada, Stockholm in Sweden, Lyon in France, Perth in Australia, Warsaw in Poland, Hamamatsu in Japan, Hong Kong in China and New Delhi in India. TRANSED 2015 was held in Lisbon, Portugal in July.

TRANSED was traditionally held in Europe and North America and Taiwan is the fourth city in Asia to host this event following India.


  1. TRANSED 1978  (Cambridge, UK)
    Mobility for the Elderly and Handicapped
  2. TRANSED 1981  (Cambridge, UK)
    Mobility for Elderly and Handicapped Persons
  3. TRANSED 1984  (Orlando, USA)
    Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Handicapped Persons
  4. TRANSED 1986  (Vancouver, Canada)
    Mobility in the Global Village
  5. TRANSED 1989  (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Towards Mobility as A Human Right
  6. TRANSED 1992 (Lyon, France)
    From Human Rights to A Better Quality of Life
  7. TRANSED 1995 (Reading, UK)
    Ideas into Action
  8. TRANSED 1998 (Perth, Australia)
    Setting the Pace
  9. TRANSED 2001 (Warsaw, Poland)
    Towards Safety, Independence and Security
  10. TRANSED 2004 (Hamamatsu, Japan)
    Universal Transportation and Road Design: Strategies for Success
  11. TRANSED 2007 (Montreal, Canada)
    Benchmarking, Evaluation and Vision for the Future
  12. TRANSED 2010 (Hong Kong, China)
    Sustainable Transport and Travel for All
  13. TRANSED 2012 (New Delhi, India)
    Seamless Access for All: Universal Design in Transport System and Built Infrastructure-A Key Element in the Creation for Liable Cities
  14. TRANSED 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Aim and Manage to Implement Inclusive Access for All

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