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1.How to create an account

  • Step 1. Please go to the home page and click the [Online Registration].
  • Step 2. please fill in the personal information and click 「SUMIT」, and then you will receive a registration verification letter in your indicated email account. 

  • Step 3. Click the link in your verification letter and you will be directed to the login page. 
    ***If you registered for a new account but did not receive a verification email from us within a few minutes it is possible that any one of the following occurred: a. The verification email was sent directly to your Spam / Junk folder ; b. You may have misspelled your email address while signing up. If you still cannot find the verification letter, please contact the Secretariat.

  • Step 4. In the login page, please enter your registration email, password and verification code and log in the system.

2.How to proceed the registration fee

  • Step 1. After logging in, you will see the preview of personal information. After reviewing the information and making sure all the information is correct, please click [Next].
  • Step 2. If you have any special needs, please fill out the “Additional Requirements”. If not, please click [Next] to continue.
  • Step 3. If you have any special needs and attend this conference with a carer, please register your carer through the form of “Attendant/Caretaker for PWD”. If not, click [Next] to continue.
  • Step 4. In the Registration Fees page, please fill in the section of Registration Category, Social Event, Optional Post Conference Accessible Tours and Remark (if any) and the click [Submit].
  • Step 5. Please review the personal information and fees details. If information is correct, please click [Payment] 
  • Step 6. Please fill in your credit card information, and tick the box of "I have understood and agreed to the use of my personal information that is collected by ECPay" after reading the ECPay Personal Information Protection Act Collection Announcement. Then click [Send] to proceed the payment.

3.How to upload student ID?

  • In the TRANSED Registration Fee page, after selecting [Student] in the registration category, please click [Upload File] to upload your student ID. 

4.Fail to log in/ Fail to create account: The failure to log in may be due to the account has not been created or the account has not been approved by the verification letter.

  • If you cannot successfully create an account, it may be because you have input symbols ("", !?:; etc.) when you created your account. 
  • If your account has not been approved by the verification letter, please go to your registration email account and clink the link in your verification letter.

6.Notifications of cancellation and requests for refunds must be made in writing and address to the TRANSED 2018 Conference Secretariat with the attachment of payment confirmation. All refund will be processed after the conference.

The refund rate is as following :

  • Before 23:59 (GMT+8), August 31, 2018: 90% of Registration Fee
  • September 01 - October 14, 2018: 50% of Registration Fee.
  • After 00:01 (GMT+8), October 15, 2018: No refund is applicable.

Abstract Submission

1.How to submit an abstract?

  • Step 1. To be able to submit an abstract, you will need to have a valid registration account. (Please refer to Login section for instruction)
  • Steo 2. Please go to the home page and click the [Online Abstract Submission] 
  • Step 3. click [Add] button.
  • Step 4. After reading the copyright and legal obligations, please tick the boxes of “I have read and understood the above” and “by checking the tick box, the author agrees to release his/her/their copyright in favor of the TRANSED Conferences and the TRANSED Conferences Secretariat, with the cooperative of the author, will have full right to store & use the abstract for publishing on website or in other mediums/publication.” Then click [Submit].
  • Step 5. Please fill in the abstract information and then click [Save] and [Next]. ***Please note that this system only accepts English content and should not exceed the upper limit of 500 words.
  • Step 6. Please fill in the author information (name, last name, affiliation) and affiliated information (departments, agencies, cities, and countries) and then click [Save]. If the abstract is completed and no further amendment is required, then  click [Submit].

2.How to fill in the affiliation information with the paper submission

  • Step 1. After filling the details of Department, Institution, City, and Country, click [Add]. To add another organization, repeat this step.
  • Step 2. Please fill in the author's first name and last name, and fill in the department's number. As shown in the example, Angie Huang is also affiliated with both 1 (Willy) and 2 (TRANSED).


3.Do I have to make a payment before abstract submission?

  • No, you don’t need to make a payment before submitting your abstract but to be able to submitting your abstract, a valid registration account is essential. 
  • Please note : it is essential to have at least one author per submission to attend this conference. Whoever attends this conference will need to register and pay the registration fee. 

4.Who can do the oral presentation?

  • The Scientific Committee will make the final decision and announce who can do the oral presentation after the abstracts were thoroughly reviewed. Whoever doing the oral presentation MUST register and PAY the registration fee in advance.

5.Can I amend the abstract after my submission?

  • In order to keeping your abstract in the editable status, please click [Save]. If the abstract is ready to submit and no amendment will occur, then you can click [Submit] to submit your abstract and by doing so, you may not be able to edit your abstract. 
  • If you really need to modify your abstract after submission, please contact the Secretariat.

6.Is it necessary for all co-authors to attend the conference?

  • We welcome all professionals and experts from all relevant fields to this conference. However, it is understandable and acceptable that your co-authors may not be available to attend the conference. 
    *** Please note : it is essential to have at least one author per submission to attend this conference.


1.Accommodation booking would require participant’s credit card and other confidential details, therefore the conference secretariat would not assist with accommodation reservation.

2.The hotel information in the Taipei area is now on the official website. Please go to the home page and click [Accommodation] for further details.

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