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Optional Post Conference Accessible Tours

Optional Tours

Tour 1
Half-day City Tour

Time: 09:00~12:00
Date: Friday 16 November 2018  
Pick up and drop off: TICC
Cost per person: NT$3200(≒US$100)

Tour Highlights

【National Palace Museum】

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of priceless Chinese art treasures, one which spans China's nearly 5,000-year history. Most of the museum's 620,000 art objects were part of the Chinese imperial collection, which began over 1,000 years ago in the early Song dynasty

【Taipei Martyrs Shrine】

Taipei Martyrs Shrine

The Taipei Martyrs Shrine is located at BeiAn Road and MingShuei Road next to The Grand Hotel, built in 1969 in remembrance of more than 330000 soldiers that sacrificed themselves for protecting the nation against the Japanese. The appearance is after the Tai He Dian of BeiJing Palace, it’s a must see spot for visitors, moreover a lot visitors take pictures on the hourly guards swift for memory.
12:00 Back to Hotel

Tour 2
Old Town Tour

Time: 09:00~16:00
Date: Friday 16 November 2018
Pick up and drop off: TICC
Cost per person: NT$3520(≒US$110)

Tour Highlights

【Yingge Ceramics Museum】

Yingge Ceramics Museum

Situated in the southwestern part of New Taipei City, the Districts of Tucheng, Sansia, Yingge and Shulin maintained a traditional feeling, forgotten, it seemed, by both time and the outside world until the opening of Second Northern Freeway, which has made transportation to this area much more convenient. Today, tourists from all around flock to this area on holidays to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, cultural and historic sites, traditional ceramics industry, temples, old streets and rustic scenes.

【Sanxia Old Street】

Sanxia is a traditional district located in northern Taiwan, easily accessible from Taipei. It has become known in recent years mainly because of its Qingshui Zushi (Divine Ancestor) Temple, which is unique among all the Chinese temples of the world for the painstaking and time-consuming dedication to classical temple arts that is manifested in its modern reconstruction work.

Sanxia Old Street

The town, originally named Sanjiaoyong after its location at the confluence of three rivers, was given its present name of Sanxia (Three Gorges, also the name of its main river) in 1920. Nestled where fertile plains meet mountain foothills, and blessed with convenient inland river transport, Sanxia offered excellent conditions for development in the early years of Taiwan's settlement by the Chinese. It quickly became an important goods distribution center and a base for the production of camphor, the growing of tea, and especially the dyeing of cloth. As transport shifted elsewhere and the use of river transportation declined, however, Sanxia gradually lost its importance as a commercial center.

Tour 3
Culture Tour

Time: 09:00~16:00
Date: Friday 16 November 2018
Pick up and drop off: TICC
Cost per person: NT$3520(≒US$110)

Tour Highlights

ShihSanHang Museum of Archaeology

【ShihSanHang Museum of Archaeology】

Shihsanhang site is one of the most important prehistoric remains in the northern Taiwan. Im 1940s, when the pilots flew over the sky of the Shihsanhang site, they found the unusual phenomena of the compass. They suggested that there should be iron ore. After dug, people found many prehistoric remains not the iron ore. Many of the remains were iron dregs which made compass malfunctioned.

The museum is a very special and cool building. It won the 2002 Taiwan Architecture Prize and 2003 Far Eastern Architect Awards. It is made up of three distinctive parts, representing mountains, the ocean and the past / present. You can find the details of the building from the link. 

The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology not only exhibits the remains of the Shihsanhang site, but also shows a lot of knowledge of archeology. With the introduction of the museum guide, people can get more knowledge of archeology. Moreover, there are many prehistoric humans’ waxen statues. People can know how the prehistoric humans live from those statues. Of course, you definitely can not miss the unique earthenware vessel with human face.

Danshui,Fort San Domingo

【Danshui,Fort San Domingo】

Perched on a hill in the left-bank of the mouth of the Danshui River, it was built by the Spanish in 1629. The Spanish were later ousted by the Dutch, and the fort fell in to Dutch hands. As Chinese peoplr commonly referred the Dutch, at the time, the fort is also known as Fort Red-Hair.

The present day Fort San Domingo includes the western castle-like structure rebuilt by the British Consulate, along with the consulate compound. The only remaining structure built by Chinese is the South Gate. the entire complex, which overlooks the hills by the river, is embraced on all sides by woods, a lush carpet-like lawn runs down the front of the property. Looking down on the sihouettes of boats on the water, and sunbathed Guan Ting Mountain in the distance, the view is magnificent. This is the perfect place to cherish the past, and a beautiful location to visit

Danshui Old Street

【Danshui Old Street】

Enjoy the old streets, the cool breeze, the flower/trees planted by residents and the sense of relaxation. Walking on the old streets along the riverbank, visitors may view the old buildings and may try the tasty local dishes, such as fish dumplings, Agei (fried meat pastry) and hard eggs, etc. The dock is a good place for marvelous sunset viewing. Visitors can also take the boat ride between Danshui and Bali. Anyone would love to watch the flying cranes and listen to the river flowing. At Bali, they have this famous dish from peacock clams. Danshui is such a wonderful place and be sure to visit it.

Tour 4

Time: 09:00~16:00
Date: Friday 16 November 2018
Pick up and drop off: TICC
Cost per person: NT$3840(≒US$120)

Tour Highlights

Wulai Neidong National Forest Recreation Area

【Wulai Neidong National Forest Recreation Area】

Situated in southeastern Xinshian Village in Wulai Township of Taipei County, the 1191-hectare Neidong National Forest Recreational Area ranges from 230 to 800 meters above sea level. Due to the Neidong and Nanshih Creeks, which run through the recreational area, and dense forest blocking the cold wind, the incredibly humid climate is mild with a mean annual temperature of 20oC. With abundant anion and phytoncid, Neidong is the best forest bath area in northern Taiwan.

This area is surrounded by waterfalls, streams and forests. Nanshih Creek is deep and wide with clear water and numerous stones on its river bank. There is a pleasant Sand Creek Fall near the entrance of Neidong. Neidong Creek is narrow, and rapidly flowing water cuts the valley into a steep ravine. The result is a three-tier waterfall with an abundance of silk-like water flowing adjacent to the forest. When visitors come to the falls, they hear its roaring and riveting sounds. Especially since the upper waterfall is 13 meters high, its splashes and the cool air feel particularly refreshing. This waterfall contains the highest level of anion at 50,000 or greater anions per cubic centimeter. The waterfall makes visitors feel calm and may also help improve the immune system. Subsequently, sensing the vitality of the forest, many visitors come here for the physical and mental health benefits. This area seems to relieve visitors from all of their worries.

Wulai Atayal Museum

【Wulai Atayal Museum】

With its scenic beauty and diverse cultural charms, Wulai District offers a perfect rustic retreat close to Taipei City. Visitors can explore the indigenous culture and history of Wulai at the Wulai Atayal Museum of New Taipei City, situated at the entrance to the Wulai shopping area. The four-story museum presents displays on the history, culture, customs, religious faith, rituals and festivals of the Atayal people as well as the natural ecology of the Wulai area.

Mountain peaks, valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, old-growth forests, and other natural attractions create a perfect setting for a scenic excursion, fitness walks, spring soak and cherry blossom watching. Visitors can also feast on the local indigenous cuisine, experience the living traditions of the Atayal people through tribal festivals.

Terms and Conditions

● The tour is based on minimum number (10 persons) of participants, will be confirmed 7 days before departure date. If numbers are not reached, the tour will be cancelled and 100% of fees will be refunded.

● Travel insurance is mandatory and will be included, please provide your valid passport ID number, name and date of birth upon registration.

● Included in the tour fee:

● All transportation listed on the itinerary

● Tour Guide/Driver’s fee, Tour guide tips

● All entrance tickets listed on the itinerary

● Lunch for Tour 2, 3, 4 only

● Insurance: NT$5,000,000 travel industry liability insurance NT$200,000 accident medical insurance

● Please be on time for the scheduled departure and all other meeting times throughout the tour. Should the tour be missed due to lateness, the tour fee will not be refunded.

● Please refrain from taking pets or any items on the tour that may be viewed as hazardous.

● Tour timings and routes are subject to change. Daily traffic conditions may impact some tours which would require an amendment to routes and timing.

● This Schedule is subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions, emergencies or other unforeseen interruptions.

● Bookings cancelled will incur a cancellation fee.

● Final confirmation email will be sent before tours.

● Cancellation:

● Cancellations received within 7 days will incur 30% cancellation fee.

● Cancellations received within 3 days will incur 50% cancellation fee.

● Cancellations received on the departure date or no-show will be no refund.

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