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Abstract Submission Guideline

Theme: Mobility for all: Connecting the World with Accessible Transportation.

Topics of interest for submission includes:

Topic A. Accessible Transportation and Tourism in Air, Land and Water.

A1: Advanced public transportation and self-driving technology

A2: Platform for accessible tourism and traveler information

A3: Mobility aids for transportation and tourism

A4: Accessible tourism and transportation in hilly terrain

A5: Standards for accessibility assessment and innovative assistive devices for planning accessible routes

A6: Certification mechanism for accessible tourism and safety

A7: Policies on safety and rights of older adult in traveling

A8: Implementation of accessible public transportation policies under the initiatives of CRPD

A9: Educational program development in accessible tourism and transportation

Topic B. Safe & Sustainable Mobility for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.

B1: Technology in care-taking services for the Elderly and PWDs

B2: Safety and technology for mobility of persons with transportation challenged

B3: User satisfaction with vertical mobility aids

B4: Research on the optimization of small and low speed scooter and power assistive devices

B5: Safety monitoring and management for ageing drivers

B6: Legislation and regulations on design and management for mobility of PWDs

B7: Government policies on regulatory mechanisms and mobility

B8: Policies on pedestrians’ safe mobility and assisted walking

B9: Selection of the most suitable type of car and refresher training for older drivers

Topic C. Collaboration and Coordination across Information, Financial and Transportation Services.

C1: Application of informational technology in transportation industry

C2: Informational technology and finance service integration

C3: Integration of assistive devices and informational technology & finance service

C4: Development of mobility aids for the ageing population and informational & finance service integration

C5: Collaboration between industries of information, finance, transportation services, and mobility management

C6: Research on laws and regulations of informational finance industry and transportation with a human touch

C7: Application of Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) and the rights of the PWDs

C8: Policies on healthcare and workforce job-sharing for older adults and persons with disabilities

C9: Public transportation services on staff training to support accessibility and mobility

Topic D. Smart City Network & Smart Growth in the Asia Pacific Region and Worldwide.

D1: Mobile application development for connecting people

D2: Innovation and industry breakthroughs in the provision of personalized transportation

D3: Assistive technology in smart cities

D4: Development and platforms for assistive devices for an accessible smart city

D5: Research on the policy and practice of accessible transportation for people with mental impairments

D6: Research on legislation and regulations for accessibility in smart cities

D7: Urban transportation initiatives for the underprivileged in the Asia-Pacific region

D8: Policy and practice regarding smart growth and complete streets initiatives

D9: Advocacy and education in green energy, environmental protection, education, promotion, and smart cities

General information:

1. All abstract submissions are due May 31, 2018 and must be submitted online. Abstracts submitted via fax or email will not be accepted.

2. Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts. Any mistakes in literature or in scientific facts will be published as what is typed.

3. All presenters must register for the conference and assume responsibility for their own transportation, lodging and registration fee.

4. The Scientific Committee of TRANSED 2018 reserves the right to accept or refuse an abstract, to designate abstracts either for full papers or poster presentations and to choose a suitable session for the abstract. The authors’ preference of the type of the presentation and theme will be taken into account.

5. Accepted abstracts will be published in the program materials. Editorial changes may be made to accepted abstracts at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.

6. For the abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee of TRANSED 2018, the authors must submit their presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT) format before September 15, 2018 and the related FULL PAPER not later than September 30, 2018.

Guidelines for preparation and submission of abstract

1. All applications should be submitted online. (Abstract Submission).

2. The deadline for abstract submission is May 31, 2018.

3. The abstract may not have been published or otherwise been submitted for consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere

4. Please provide three to five key words or phrases for reference.

5. Standard abbreviations are accepted. If any special abbreviations are used, they should be written fully in parentheses the first time they appear in the text.

6. The "Abstract Text" should cover "Background/Purpose", "Methods", "Results" and “Conclusion": four separate sections. The abstract should not exceed 500 words.

7. The abstract will be published as conference proceedings.

8. Multiple abstracts are welcome from attendees/authors.

9. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Notification of acceptance will be made via e-mail no later than June 30, 2018.


1. The abstract should adhere to the following structure:

Abstract No.:

Type of Presentation:

Poster only
Oral(for speak presentation)


A. Accessible Transportation and Tourism in Air, Land and Water.
B. Safe & Sustainable Mobility for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.
C. Collaboration and Coordination across Information, Financial and Transportation Services.
D. Smart City Network & Smart Growth in the Asia Pacific Region and Worldwide.

Abstract Title:


Abstract Text

(1) "Background/Purpose"
(2) "Methods"
(3) "Results"
(4) "Conclusion"

The abstract should not exceed 500 words in length.

2. The following format should be strictly followed:

Provide the sub topic code that best categorizes your abstract (see above for list of sub topic codes)

Use a separate paragraph for each section of the abstract.

Please do not include references, formulas, tables or graphics.



A limited number of scholarships will be offered to authors and delegates whose abstract/participation discuss work that has substantial contribution in their home country and who are in need of financial assistance to attend the conference.

1. Selection criteria:

recognized contribution to the development of an inclusive society and promotion of accessibility;

originates from a developing country and has financial limitations that prevent travel to Taipei and participation in TRANSED 2018;

persons with disability will be given priority consideration;

the basis of accepted abstract for a paper or poster, e.g. giving a presentation that will benefit all the participants of the conference;

ability and willingness to promote exchange and share knowledge with the local community.

2. Scholarships are being provided in the form of:

travel allowance, i.e. air tickets, local transfer, etc; and/or

accommodation allowance; and/or

conference fees; and/or

personal attendant support.

3. Minimum scholarship amount per person is $550 USD and an additional $120 USD for care attendant, if warranted.

4. You are not required to submit an application for scholarship until your abstract has been accepted and you have been notified of such an acceptance.

5. The Scientific Committee is the final authority and has full discretion in deciding on a scholarship, the format, the level and the method.

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