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Main Theme and Topic

Theme: Mobility for all: Connecting the World with Accessible Transportation.

Topics of interest for submission includes:

Topic A. Accessible Transportation and Tourism in Air, Land and Water.

A1: Advanced public transportation and self-driving technology
A2: Platform for accessible tourism and traveler information
A3: Mobility Aids for transportation and tourism
A4: Accessible tourism and transportation in hilly terrain
A5: Standards for accessibility assessment and innovative assistive device for planning accessible routes
A6: Certification mechanism for accessible tourism and safety 
A7: Policies on safety and rights of older adult in traveling
A8: Implementation of accessible public transportation policies under the initiatives of CRPD
A9: Education development in accessible tourism and transportation

Topic B: Safe & Sustainable Mobility for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.

B1: Technology in care-taking services for the Elderly and PWDs
B2: Safety and technology for mobility of the elderly and PWDs
B3: User satisfaction with vertical mobility aids
B4: Research on the optimization of demand responsive transit service and assistive device
B5: Safety monitoring and management for ageing drivers
B6: Legislations and regulations on design and management for mobility of the PWDs
B7: Government policies on regulatory mechanism and mobility
B8: Policies on passengers’ mobility safety and pedestrian movement
B9: Research on education to drivers with disabilities concerning safety

Topic C: Collaboration between Information, Financial and Transportation Services.

C1: Application of informational technology in transportation industry
C2: Informational finance industry and technology service integration
C3: Application of assistive device and informational finance industry integration
C4: Development of mobility aids for the ageing population and informational finance industry integration
C5: Collaboration between industries of information, Financial, Transportation Services and Mobility Management
C6: Research on laws and regulations of informational finance industry and transportation with a human touch
C7: Application of Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) and the rights of the PWDs
C8: Policies on healthcare and workforce job-sharing for the elderly and persons with disabilities
C9: Information, finance service and education research on the urban-rural difference in accessible environment

Topic D: Smart City Network & Smart Growth in the Asia Pacific Region and Worldwide.

D1: Mobile application development for connecting people
D2: Innovation and industry breakthrough in provision of personalized transportation
D3: Assistive technology in smart cities
D4: Development and platform for assistive device for an accessible smart city
D5: Research on the policy and practice of accessible transportation for mental impairments
D6: Research on legislations and regulations of the accessibility in smart city
D7: Initiatives for the underprivileged in Asia Pacific urban transportation
D8: Policies on smart city development and protection of the underprivileged
D9: Advocacy and education in green energy, environment protection education promotion and smart city interlink

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